Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds' sponsorship initiative is an opportunity for you to make a difference by helping a child break free from the shackles of poverty and gift the child a future which is full of hope.

This will help to build an unique bond with the underprivileged child and make him grow into an independent individual. The best way to change the life of a child is to change the environment in which they live.


There are over 12 million child labourers


Nearly 18 million adolescents are out of school


53% of girls in the age group of 5 to 9 years are illiterate.


More than 50 per cent of girls fail to enroll in school

Power of your sponsorship

Your donations can give way to a new emerging life. A holistic change can only be imagined, if you actively become a supporter of our initiative. Your sponsorship will help a child to attain the basic rights, from which he/she was earlier deprived of. The priceless blessings and a feeling of doing something for the child's future and community is really commendable.


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